Used car business on data steroids

Grow your business with absolutely unique market data mining tools. Deployed in days, results in weeks.

We love cars and innovations

  • Our story started 8 years ago.
  • We are helping our clients around the globe to conquer any used car market in the world.
  • Number one in understanding used car market.
  • With our app you will know about every new ad first.
  • Providing instant insights on price, liquidity, stock turn.
Leads Generator

Leads Generator

Get thousands of new leads, be the fastest, dominate the market. We crawl the web and recognize new ads in seconds, we grade the profitability and liquidity instantly, avoid fake ads, prioritize leads so you can react first on the best opportunities.
Market Monitoring

Market Monitoring

Understand the whole market in real-time. Complete picture of your current AND past market, clients, trends and competition in real time. Check market stock, past sales, offered and real prices. Use facts for buying decisions.
Algorithmic Pricing

Algorithmic Pricing

Maximize profit by getting the ideal market price of any used car. Pricing based on constantly updated market data and unique machine learning models, financing likelihood and more. No humans involved, no gut feelings.
Stock Allocation

Stock Allocation

Recommendation engine for stock distribution to maximize ROI. Given the past sales, past web interest, and past leads interest, we will recommend the best location for the given car from stock to maximize your ROI.
Marketing Optimizer

Marketing Optimizer

Get more from every dollar spent on online marketing. Track your online audience, predict their behaviour and target like a sniper. We score purchase behavior of every live web visitor. You can optimize your remarketing spending via advanced attribution modelling - no more last click attribution.
NEW - Car Trading Platform

NEW - Car Trading Platform

Win the market with your own car trading solution. Whitelabeled modular solution for car trading - buying, selling, valuation of used and new cars from dealerships and private sellers. Powered with market insights and unique features to attract and keep users. Become the one controlling the whole car trading market.

Why AuresApps?

Deployed in a week

This is not a two years data mining project case. You’re up and running and getting new leads before your next weekend.

Focused on money

We don’t talk data jiberish. We built the tools for the love of money, not data:) And they all bring hard cash at the end of the day, thanks to data.

Scales to any market

Cloud-based platform, designed and built to scale to market of any size.

We Are Looking For:

Junior Analyst

Even though you are junior do not be afraid to join our team! Our experienced team members will be more than happy to show you how we do it!

Download PDF

Senior Analyst

Join our innovative team! We need your skills to keep working on our betterment and to remain number one on the market!

Download PDF

Data Scientist

Let’s do the data magic together!

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We are looking for new analyst to our analytical team.

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+420 774 860 616

Železničářů 640/23,

Praha 7, 170 00

Czech Republic


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